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Are you looking for a Professional Garden Landscaping Company that can understand your requirements and deliver to your expectation? Chrisam Gardens is the company to contact when it comes to very important garden service. Chrisam Gardens is based in Milton Keynes but serves Bedford, Luton, Northampton, Aylesbury and all surrounding towns and villages. Call us

As I photographed California landscapes in 2017, I found myself composing lots of panorama photos. Dawn in the Sonoran Desert at Anza Borrego California State Park I visited a number of expansive landscapes in my quest to find inspiration for gardeners in adapting to our summer-dry climate.  Using panorama cropping to evoke a sense of

There are several elements that make up a well thought out landscape: they include structure, shape, texture, scent, and movement. But for the majority of us home gardeners, the first element we take into consideration when designing our own personal paradise is color. Thanks to renowned garden authors like Penelope Hobhouse, who wrote Color In Your

From the Winter, 2018 issue of Garden Design Magazine I’m proud and pleased to announce that the winter issue (now shipping) of Garden Design, the premier magazine about the aesthetics of gardening, features my “Stunning Succulent Arrangements” online class and includes a photo of one of its seven projects—the Succulent Color Wheel.* Learn more about the class. Use this link

I have been photographing Leaning Pine Arboretum for years, and it has become one of my favorite gardens. Mediterranean Blue Palm in summer-dry garden – Leaning Pine Arboretum. For a garden photographer in California, seeking landscape settings for mature, appropriate plants adapted to the summer-dry climate, Leaning Pine is just about perfect.  It is designed as a

Some thought Ruth Bancroft would outlive us all.  Indeed, when she recently passed at age of 109, she had outlived many admirers. Her garden, the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California was the inspiration for the Garden Conservancy, and was its first garden selected for preservation in 1989. It is a landmark garden for California, proving that